Private funding is the new big thing for virtual game portals and multiplayer games. So big, in fact, that they have received $936.8 million worth of capital and funding combined. Not bad for some free online games. VentureBeat was kind enough to break down where all that cash for online games is going to. Here’s the top 10 list.

  1. 9You $100 million for virtual community
  2. BigFishGames $83 million for casual games
  3. Trion World Network $70 million for multiplayer games
  4. Real Time Worlds $50 million for online gaming
  5. Turbine $40 million for MMO’s
  6. G10 $38 million for casual online games
  7. Zynga $29 million for social gaming
  8. GoFish $23 million for youth based advertising network for virtual worlds
  9. PrimeSense $20 million for 3d motion capturing input into games (think eyeToy for computers)
  10. Oberon $20 million for casual gaming

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