When you make a game, it’s going to be played all over the internet. Players from across the world will compete to beat levels, win achievements, and reach the high scores list. And if you own a web site, some of those players might just end up making you even more money from your game. Here’s my top 5 reasons every developer should own a website.

  1. Recognition. Owning a website makes you more than just a faceless developer amongst the masses. Whether you choose to use your own name or create a company name for your website, people will remember you better than if they had just seen a line about you in the credits.
  2. Logo. I’m not saying you can’t have a logo without having a website, but what’s the point of a logo if it doesn’t link anywhere. You could have the greatest logo ever for yourself, but if your don’t have a website, why bother wasting those potential clicks?
  3. Branding. Your website becomes part of yourself as a developer. As your fan base grows, they will have a place to check up on what you are doing and how your next game is progressing.
  4. Marketing. A developer website is almost like a hidden island in the middle of nowhere. Sponsors will get very upset if your game contains links to other sponsors, but if it’s your own site, they’ll just consider it part of the credits. Having your own site gives you a free marketing opportunity within your game across thousands of web sites.
  5. Money. You can turn that advertising into money from your site if you wish. I’m not just talking about using ads on your pages. That traffic that comes to your site might just contain a site owner or two looking to have a game created. When they see that you have a website and portfolio, they feel safe asking you to develop a game for them. Just by having this site alone I am approached with a couple contracts each month to develop games.

Convinced yet? It’s about $10 to register a domain name, and $30-50 a year for hosting. For the opportunities it can provide, I think it’s worth it.

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