Adobe has recently published a study with a couple interesting stats about flash player that could be useful for game developers. These stats can affect not only the number of people who view our games, but what version of flash player you can develop your game for.

Number of People who are able to use Flash Player

  • 98.9% of all people who own a computer
  • 99% of all people who have internet access on their computer
  • 1 Billion People

Version of Flash Player Compatible with User’s Computer

  • Flash Player 7: 99.3%
  • Flash Player 8: 99.1%
  • Flash Player 9: 98.8%
  • Flash Player 10: 74.2%

This is great news for developers who plan to use Flash Player 10 as their platform for developing games. The percentage of people who have the ability to play Flash Player 10 files has increased by 18.3% up from the previous 55.9% from Adobe’s study last year.

I crunched the numbers, and that means that means that if you are planning to release your game using Flash Player 10, you will still have 742 million potential players for your game! That is more than enough players for me.

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