MochiAds has recently announced that they now support achievements when you use their high scores API. The system works by taking the scores that are submitted to the system, and comparing them against the average score that was submitted. A player can achieve medals based on where his score falls compared to other player’s scores around the world, or you can predetermine the score needed for each medal type. There are currently bronze, silver, and gold medals to be achieved.

At the moment, the achievements system only works based on score. So no gameplay specific achievements are available through MochiAds just yet.

While it’s nice to see MochiAds finally integrating an achievements system into their high scores API, there are a couple features I was dismayed to find missing. First of all, you are forced to allow the achievements. While I like the idea of medals, some developers may wish to exclude it from their game. At the moment there is no way to turn them off, but MochiAds assures me that this feature will be available soon.

Another thing that could use improvement is the lack of collectability for the achievements. Who wants achievements when you are never going to look at the game again? What MochiAds should implement isĀ  a universal login type of account to come with the achievements release. That way players could keep track of the various medals they have won across multiple games. This would allow players to show off their achievements and actually encourage them to compete for those extra few points to get a silver or gold medal to show off on their account. Now I know MochiAds isn’t a game portal and doesn’t plan to be, but allowing players to keep track of their achievements and compare them against one another would bring gameplay times up as well as allow players to view all their achievements, regardless of where the game is played.

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