Flash Game Art, a free site designed to pair together artists and coders for flash games, has recently come out of it’s early beta to open the site up to developers. This is great news for coders who aren’t too great at the artistic side of flash games. With the new ability for developers to sign up, the admins of Flash Game Art finally added the featured needed to start the site off.

The first thing you’ll come across as a developer looking to find an artist is the New Project option. This allows you to create a project for artists to see what your game will be like. You create a summary of the game, detailing what assets or animations you will need from the artist. Then, you can set prices by max amount of money you are able to pay or max percentage you are willing to pay from your sponsorship. Once that’s done, you set the date that an artist needs to be chosen by, as well as when the art will be needed from the artist. Choose the type of art you want, ranging from isometric and 3d to top down and platform as well as the art style you are looking for (cartoon, caricature, or realistic) to finish up your project and set it as viewable by artists.

One your project becomes viewable to artists, they can start bidding on your game’s art. Once you start getting bids for your game, you can choose an artist based on the style you are looking for and the amount the artist is willing to accept as pay for the game.

So if you need an artist for an upcoming game of yours, why not give Flash Game Art a try?

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