With all the trouble I’ve had lately with my server, I decided it was about time for me to start optimizing Freelance Flash Games to take up less resources and bandwidth on the server. I searched across the web for tips and tricks to pull the most out of my web hosting with the resources that I have, and here’s what I’ve come up with to use for my site so far.

WP Super Cache

This isn’t your average caching plugin for wordpress. WP Super Cache using an advanced form of caching that will create a static html file for each post or page that is visited. Then, when another user or the same user comes back to that page, it will already be stored on the server. The static html file will be served to the user, reducing the need for all of wordpress’s server-heavy php scripts.

Most of the vistors to Freelance Flash Games will see the static html files, which are cached versions of a regular file. The caches files will update every hour or so, depending on the time limit that is set. This reduces the number of calls made to the server, decreasing the load.

Basically, if you don’t want to get into the technical stuff, this plugin will help me decrease my server load, while ensuring that your experience on Freelance Flash Games stays the same.

If you’re a webmaster wondering how to install WP-Super-Cache, some guides I found useful can be found here and here, as well as on the plugin homepage.

Stop Hot-Linking

Although I haven’t noticed too much of it going on with my site, hot linking is a process in which another site will essentially steal my bandwidth by showing one of my images on their site, while still using my server’s resources. So if you’ve ever hot linked to one of my files, I appologise for the inconvenience, but you’re going to have to upload it yourself. Here’s the tutorial I used to stop hot linking. It’s an easy bit of code that you can just insert into a .htaccess file. Once you’ve done that, upload the .htaccess file into each of your directories that contain the uploaded images. My site organizes images by month, so I had to upload the file into each month for the year.

Remove Plugins

Every plugin I have takes up space on the page, meaning that they all run a piece of code when a page is loaded. So I decided it was time to start cleaning up my plugins and removing the ones that don’t provide a better experience for my users. I got rid of a couple that I thought were unneccesary, such as the Tweet this plugin I had or an ad manager that I no longer use anymore. If one of you really wants to tweet one of my posts, you’ll do it whether I have a link or not (hopefully).

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Matthew, one of my readers, sent this one to me as a possibility. Amazon has a service called S3 which lets you use Amazon’s servers at a low cost to host your images and web pages. At $0.10 per GB of bandwidth it’s pretty cheap. It’s a really useful service to have if you’ve got a huge amount of  traffic coming to your site. Although I probably could benefit from using it, at the moment I’m going to stick with optimizing my site for my current hosting versus adding a new layer of hosting.

With those changes made, hopefully the site will be back to the way it was. Expect new flash articles to be coming out shortly.

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