Sorry for the message you’ve been getting if you have visited Freelance Flash Games since Friday. It seems I was using too much of my hosting provider’s server resources. Freelance Flash Games is up and running again though, and I’m hoping to get some more articles published soon.

With the site growing I’m going to have to find new ways to reduce that server load, as with the current visitors I have right now, it’s just not enough for me to be able to afford a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. By all means, I am not saying to stop visiting Freelance Flash Games. In fact I would be happy if you not only kept visiting, but told all your friends and fellow developers about this site as well.

Growth is good, but I need a way to handle that growth. I’ve been looking into some caching plugins that may decrease the server load and ensure my site stays up for all of you to enjoy. I’m trying to work out with my hosting provider on ways to cut down the bandwidth usage. Not to get too technical, but it will basically involve tweaking of aspects of the site to keep server request and file sizes down. The site should stay looking the same to you, with hopefully some added speed boost from the extra tweaking.

If you have any suggestions on methods to keep my server usage down, I would appreciate your advice. I’m always open to emails, or you could just leave me a comment right here. Stay tuned as I get back to posting my regular flash articles.

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