As you work along the development process of your game, it can be exciting to add new features, levels, character, items, and stories to the game. While each extra aspect you put into the game will increase the game’s value, there comes a time when the cost of adding the new features just isn’t worth the amount of time it would take to add them. Here are some reasons to keep your game within your reach.

Low Quality Features

If I add the latest and greatest fads in the game industry, surely all the sponsors will come looking for my game. Why not cram every feature into it that I can, more features are better, right?

Wrong! While it is nice to have more than just a quick time waster as a game, try to add too many features and you’ll soon find yourself overloaded with work. With the massive amount of work you have, it will be hard to concentrate on making each feature stun the gamer. Instead, you’ll be working on so many features at once that you’ll end up with a bunch of low quality features that do little to impress the player.

Complex Directions

The bigger your game gets, the more you’ll have to explain to the player. Most players aren’t interested in going to watch your 5 minute video tutorial on how to play your game. They’ll just skip the tutorial, jump right into gameplay, and soon realize it’s tougher to play than they had thought. Instead of reading your directions, they’ll just quit your game to go play something else.

I’m not saying there aren’t players out there that like those types of strategy games, but unless you already have an established user base, it can be hard to retain new players.

Lengthy Development Time

Make a large game, and you’ll end up spending a large amount of your time developing it. Are the hours you pour into the game really worth the extra little bit of sponsorship money? Chances are sponsors won’t even take the time to play through your whole game if it’s too big. Why not just focus on making a good game, with quality gameplay?

Simplicity over Scale

The best games on the internet aren’t games with hours of play time, they are games that you can jump right into and start having fun. New concepts and ideas will always triumph over game length. Think of all the best games you’ve played. They’re almost always a simple idea with fun gameplay that keep you hooked. If that gameplay goes on for hours, then so be it, but it’s the first feeling of fun you felt when you started playing the game that kept you playing it. So, make your game fun and enjoyable. Then if you feel you must, add more content to keep them playing.

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