Good news for flash developers, the popular flash portal Newgrounds has decided to start sharing revenue with developers. The system works on a performance based advertising method, meaning you will earn money when people click on your ads (versus earning money for the number of ads that are shown). This is to counter any spam tactics that users of Newgrounds may use to drive traffic to their game pages.

Revenue share isn’t limited to game pages though, you can also earn money from Audio Portal pages as well as your profile page on Newgrounds.

The revenue sharing system comes with a nice looking metrics program to track your earnings. It includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stats as well as the type of advertising the revenue comes from (flash pages, user pages, audio pages, etc.) Payments are made every month when your total reaches $50 or more.

eCPM’s differ for the new system, but they aren’t nearly as high as Kongregate’s. Still it’s a nice addition to see Newgrounds offering to share their revenue with a community that was built by developers. So head over to Newgrounds, and be sure to visit your account page to opt in to their revenue sharing program.

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