Want to learn how to create a flash game distribution package?

Flash game distribution packages can be essential when emailing you game to portals. It gives the portal all the information they need in one convenient place. This gives your flash game a greater chance to be included on their site, since you have already given the portal owner all the files they need to add your game to their site.

Now that you’ve decided you want tocreate a flash game distribution package for your emails, it’s time to start making it. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a new .zip file on your hard drive. To do this, right click on your desktop and select New>WinRAR Archive. The name may be different depending on the program you use for zip files.

Once you’ve created your zip file, you’ll need to name it. I named mine myGame Distribution Package.

Once you’ve given it a name, it’s time to start adding the files that a game portal will need to the zip file. Here are a couple things you will want to include:

1. A text file. You can create this in NotePad. Here are some options of what to include in your text file:

  • The name of your game.
  • The name of whoever developed you game, and your site url if you have one.
  • Short description of your game.
  • Long description of your game.
  • Instructions to your game.
  • Category your game belongs in. (action, adventure, etc.)
  • Width of your flash game.
  • Height of your flash game.
  • Tags for the game.
  • How well your game did on major portals. If your game got a good rating on one of the top portals (Kongregate, Newgrounds, or Nonoba) be sure to mention this. It makes your game sound better to a portal owner.
  • Other information. Here you can include things such as the high score system your game uses or if your game contains ads.

2. Your game swf.

3. Thumbnails of your game. Group them into a folder named thumbnails to make it easier for the portal owner separate between the numerous files. You’ll want to include a lot of different sizes to accommodate various portal owners. You may want to include JPG, PNG and GIF file types since some portals only support one. Here are some commonly used sizes.

  • 125×125
  • 120×90
  • 100×100
  • 75×75
  • 50×50
  • 81×67
  • 80×60
  • 70×60
  • 46×46
  • 300×200
  • 100×75
  • 60×60

When you are done setting up the files you’ll need, all you have to do is drag the files or folders you have into the .zip file. Once you’ve done that, your flash game distribution package is done, and the only thing you have left to do is start emailing those portal owners. Good luck!

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