Finding A Sponsor SeriesWhen you’re done developing and testing your game, there comes the time when you start looking to sell it. When doing this, you’re going to want to get the most value out of your game that you can. Here are 7 steps for negotiating your way to a higher sponsorship price.

1. Be friendly and courteous. Think of it this way: if you forget your money for lunch and try to borrow money from a friend, they’ll be willing to help you out. But, try asking for money from a stranger, or someone who doesn’t like you, and they will be less likely to let you borrow the money. The same thing applies to sponsorships. Sponsors may not admit it, but their first impression of you will affect how they treat your game and ultimately how they bid on it. The more they like you, the more easily you will be able to negotiate with them.

2. Start a bidding war. Get as many sponsors as possible interested in your game. Even if you know that you wouldn’t take a sponsorship from them, they might cause other sponsors to bid more on your game. It’s like an auction, the more people that want to sponsor a game, the more each person will have to bid to receive the game.

3. Keep sponsors notified on a timely basis. Sponsors can’t bid more on your game if they don’t know what the competing offers. So make sure you keep them updated on the current bids placed on your game.

4. Give them a reason your game should be offered more. Come up with a convincing argument as to why your game deserves more money. This could include reviews it has received in the testing stages, how long testers play your game, or even statistics showing why your game would be popular.

5. Appeal to a sponsors emotional side. If the sponsor gets his emotions mixed in with a deal rather than keeping it strictly a business deal, you could be able to persuade them to give your more cash for your game. Ways to do this would include how long you worked on your game, why you need extra money, or how it could benefit the sponsor.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for more money in a sponsorship. Don’t get into the habit of thinking that you will put off a sponsor by asking for more cash. If they already bid on your game, then they are interested in sponsoring it. Even if they refuse your request for extra money, they will probably still be interested in sponsoring it for the initial amount they offered you.

7. Be patient. It takes time to get the most money from your game. Just because a sponsor doesn’t initially offer you the amount you want, doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to pay more. Wait it out, and you’ll find that more sponsors will view and bid on your game, driving the price of it up.

Follow these easy steps, and you are well on your way to getting higher bids for your games. If you’re interested in more tips about getting your game sponsored, check out my Finding a Sponsor series.

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