2BeeGames is a flash game portal aimed at building a community of flash developers and gamers. Run by 2 employees from ZooGames, 2BeeGames is running a contest with the chance to win thousands of dollars as well as have your game ported to gaming consoles. Once the contest ends 2BeeGames plans to turn their portal into a developers haven, with tutorials, spotlights, post-mortems, contests, forums, and more. In this interview, I had the chance to talk with Tony of 2BeeGames about the contest, his portal, and the future of 2BeeGames. Here’s what he had to say:

1. 2BeeGames seems like a relatively new company, can you tell me about how it was founded?

2BeeGames was founded by 2 employees working at Zoo Games (hence the “2Bees” and it’s also a pun on which of these flash/indie games are going “to be” published).

We originally thought of the idea a while back but never got the greenlight from the big wigs. After seeing a couple of nice indie projects slip through the company’s fingers and in the current state of the economy, we decided to go with it. We came up with a formal pitch and they loved it. They are funding this project but we are running it.

2. Your site sounds pretty official with the lawyers and big contest prizes, is there a parent company behind 2BeeGames?

Zoo Games Inc. which publishes mainly family friendly Nintendo Wii and DS games. They do however have the ability to publish to every major console though. 2BeeGames will look to publish all different types of games keeping the core gamer in mind.

3. Speaking of the contest, you mention that games will have the chance to be ported to major gaming consoles. What type of consoles will developers have the opportunity to port their games to?

They will have the ability to have their game published on every major console. We have the relationships and developers in place to port to every console due to our connection with Zoo Games. Wii, DS, PSN, PS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, XBLA, Steam, and Iphone. When developers submit the games, we ask them to consider which platforms they would like to see the game ported to. We will go through it again when we negotiate the publishing agreement with them.

Each deal is different due to how complete the game is or if we all feel there should be console specific enhancements or added content. The original developer would likely consult in the process and work very closely with us to ensure a great port.

4. What goals does 2BeeGames have for the future of the site?

The site we are working on will launch after the contest and replace the current site.

At first glance it will be similar to an online gaming portal where players can play the games on the site or download them for play on their pc (some games are not going to be browser based). Some social networking features are available as they can leave comments, become fans of the developers, and have their own simple profiles.

A developer can post up games that they are just starting and document it and update their W.I.P. soliciting feedback from the players throughout. The developer will have his own full featured bio and can post blogs of their Work in progress or other stuff making an online portfolio of their work as well.

We want the players to feel their input is important to the process as well. We may pick out popular games from the site to port from time to time and often have promotions. (ex. Highest rated game this month gets a prize or best game in a specific category gets converted, working on a way to give players some credit as well).

We will do our best to spotlight developers (with interviews, game post-mortems, etc) and making a robust community for them filled with tutorials, forums and other useful information. We want to give these developers and gamers a look into the part of the gaming world they haven’t seen, show them each stage of the conversion process and possibly have them take part in future games and events. There are plenty of other things we are going to experiment with but can’t give it all away right now ;).

5. Why did you decide to focus your game portal on developers?

We figured that indie developers should have a home for their games to get feedback from the players. On gaming portals, we do not see much focus on the developers, just on the games. We want a community that will bring indie games to the spotlight and be a home for every level of developer. From rookie students to seasoned veterans.

6. What influences did you have in creating your game portal?

Our inspirations for the portal were drawn from sites such as www.zeroes2heroes.com (indie comics) and some indie music sites. Many of the indie games I’ve come across are great for consoles, and we wanted to give developers a place where they could showcase their games as well as provide them with helpful resources to make their games even better.

7. Is there anything else you would like to add?

If you have a great game that you think would be great on a console (and make some money in the process), sign up and submit your game! If anyone has questions, they can email me at Tony[at]2BeeGames.com. We will also be at E3 this year if anyone wants to stop by and chat for a bit.

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