This Sunday I have some great flash articles for you to check out. Ranging from game design and distribution to a bluetooth mouse for Macs, you should be able to find something in here that interests you.

  1. Badim has a nice guide to distributing your games. It’s a quick and easy to understand guide.
  2. GamePoetry has a job opportunity open for AS3 flash developers. Check it out if you’re interested in joining his team.
  3. Vortix Games has a nice post on concept design for games. He takes you through the concetual design process in a step by step process.
  4. Emanuele Feronato published my guide to MochiAds self-serve advertising. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re wondering how to get started with the service.
  5. If you’re using a Mac to develop your games, 8bitrocket may have found the perfect bluetooth replacement mouse for Macs. The scroll wheel works and it’s only $35.
  6. Gambrinous has a good post on the design aspects of multiplayer games vs single player games. It has some good tips if you’re using both single player and multiplayer modes in your game.

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