Do you want the chance to have flash game ported to a major gaming console? 2BeeGames is running a contest that might just give you that chance. Called the Indie Games Competition, you can earn over $17,000 in cash prizes and even the chance to have your game ported to major game consoles.

Tired of the same types of games being released on consoles, 2 employees of Zoo Games decided it was time to let indie developers have a chance at releasing their games on consoles. That’s why they are holding a contest for the best indie games with over $17,000 in prizes!

The first place winner will receive a $10,000 grand prize as well as having their game ported to consoles. The community’s favorite game will earn a nice $5,000 prize. The runner up game will come in with a $2,500 prize. Even better, all contest entries have the chance to be ported to a major gaming console, whether you win or not.

Here’s the best part of the contest; you can submit any games. Even if your game has already been released or even sponsored, you are allowed to submit it. However, 2BeeGames does not want you to have ads pointing to outside sites within the game that is submitted to the contest, so if your game was sponsored, you’ll probably have to remove the sponsor’s logos and any in-game ads you might have for the contest version of the game. I would recommend site-locking it as well. You can check the complete list of rules at their site.

For people who are unsure of what is involved in having your game ported to consoles, here’s how it would work. You would first choose which console or consoles you think your game would be suited for. Once you choose what console you want your game to be ported to, you will be working with developers to make sure your game is ported the way it was meant to be played.

The publishing/porting/development agreement will be negotiated and be specific to each game as there are many factors that need to be considered; how finished is the game, how portable is the code, can the assets be re-used, extra content for the console versions, how involved you are in the process, etc. Depending upon these factors, 2BeeGames and you will be able to decide what type of revenue split you will recieve.

With thousands of dollars worth of prizes and the chance to have your flash game ported to major gaming consoles, what are you waiting for? The submission date ends April 30, so go submit your game!

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