In part 1 of my case study on top game portals and the type of game they prefer to play, I showed you the levels of violence players preferred on each portal. In part 2, I will be going over the type of game category each portal prefers. Once again, I will take the top 10 games from each flash game portal and compare the type of categories they are listed as.

Games will be categorized into 4 different categories:

  1. Action. Put simply, this game type will have action in it. This can include shooting and fighting.
  2. Multiplayer. This game type is played online with multiple players either playing against or with each other.
  3. Strategy. This type of game requires planning and thinking. It can include tower defense games or any other type of game that would involve a high level of strategy.
  4. Adventure. This involves a hero who goes on a quest. Examples would be platformers and Role Playing Games.


Newgrounds Categories Chart on Flash Games

The results for Newgrounds are fairly well split. Action games were preferred the most, which corresponds with the data in part 1. Since most action games are violent, it would make sense that action games make up the highest percentage of top rated games on Newgrounds.

You should do well with any game type that you submit to Newgrounds, however a category I was surprised to not find in any of the 3 portals was puzzle games. Not 1 single top rated flash game was a puzzle game. Sorry puzzlers, you seem to have been left out.


Kongregate Chart on top rated games and their categories.

Kongregate heavily favored strategy and action games. Tower defense seemed to be a favorite, with a surprising 4 out of 10 games being a tower defense game. This parallels the data found in part 1 of my study on top games on flash portals, as many strategy and tower defense games stay with light themes.

So if you want to be the best on Kongregate, try creating a tower defense game or action game. But with the numbers of tower defense games already on Kongregate, you’ll have to make it really stand out against the crowd.


Nonoba chart on categories of top rated games.

Nonoba came in with a large number of multiplayer games being the best rated on the site. This is probably due to the competition Nonoba ran, with over $15,000 in prizes. The data was fairly consistant with part one, as most of the multiplayer games turned to sources other than violence for their innovation.

With the multiplayer games competition over, you should have a better chance of reaching that top spot on Nonoba. It will take work, but your best chances are to create an action or multiplayer game to win over the crowds at Nonoba.

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