I’ve been doing some research on the top rated flash game portals lately to try to discern the type of gamers that play games on them. This study is not meant to determine the ages or genders of gamers, rather the type of games that each flash portal’s users are prone to like and rate highly.

In part one of this case study, I’ll be going over the age ratings that gamers like to play. The data will be collected using the top ten games on each flash game portal. Games will be rated using the ESRB system of ratings:

  • E for everyone. This means no violence and no inappropriate language or audio.
  • T for Teen. This means a small amount of violence, language, or audio.
  • M for mature. This rating means an excessive amount of violence, language, or audio.


Chart showing the amount of violence in games on Newgrounds.

As you can see from that good looking chart, the gamers on Newgrounds are a violent bunch. Newgrounds came in with the highest number of top rated M games, with the lowest number of E rated games.

Conclusion: Gamers on Newgrounds are looking for more mature subject matter or violence levels. If you want extra help with ratings for your game on Newgrounds, add a little bit of violence to your game.


Pie graph showing the violence ratings of top rated games on kongregate

The gamers on Kongregate are a mixed number of people. The E rating seems to rule over others, but T and M games do stand a chance in the top ratings as well.

Conclusion: Kongregate’s gamers are in-between Newgrounds and Nonoba. Gamers here are looking for more kid friendly subject matter, but aren’t going to object to more mature gameplay either. You should be fine with any type of game you submit to here, so make it interesting (and add badges) and it will be rated well.


Most of Nonoba's flash games are e rated

The gamers on Nonoba are a fun loving group, opting for E games in 6 out of the 10 top rated flash games. This may be due to the community Nonoba has fostered around multiplayer games, opting for fun gameplay instead of over the top violence or language.

Conclusion: Fun, E rated games will do well on Nonoba. Make it multiplayer, and you just might have a hit on your hands over at Nonoba.

Interested in finding more about game portal audiences? Check out part 2 of the game portal audience study.

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