Come2Play is a social gaming site that gives developers the tools they need to create turn based multiplayer flash games. Their open source API lets you create multiplayer games without the hassle of setting up servers, sites, tokens, and chat systems. Once your game is created, you will be provided with widgets and applications to help spread your game to a variety of sites. All you have to do is embed the package onto your favorite site or social networks for people to start playing your game.

To promote their services, Come2Play is holding a contest for game developers exclusively using their API.

To enter the contest, you must submit a game proposal to them regarding your ideas for a great multiplayer game. The developers with the best ideas will be chosen for entry into their developers program. Once chosen, developers will be paid to begin development on their games.

It’s what happens after your game is developed that makes this contest so great. Come2Play will allow you to include advertising in your game, as well as offering you a performance bonus based on the number of matches played for your game in the first 3 months. How much are these bonuses? For 2 million matches, you will be paid $5,000. Double the number of matches to 4 million, and you’re given a $10,000 bonus. Add another 2 million matches to make it 6 million, and you will receive a whopping $15,000 cash bonus. The bonuses continue by 5 grand every 2 million matches, so the possibilities are endless.

They will even try to help you gain those bonuses by distributing your game to numerous social networking sites for you as well as giving you the distribution package.

Even after being paid for developing your game and giving you performance bonuses, Come2Play will allow you to sell sponsor branding in your game. This means you could make double the money off sponsorships than you would be able to normally; assuming you count the developer payment as a sponsorship.

There are a couple rules you need to follow for the contest though:

  • Your game must about a certain topic. Choices range from sports and board games to RTS and tanks.
  • You can’t sell site-locked licenses, since Come2Play is looking to distribute the game as far as possible.
  • Your game will have a footer at the bottom of it with Come2Play’s logo. This footer allows players to login, register, and grab the embed codes for your game. It’s shouldn’t be a problem with most sponsors, it is something that you should let them know about.

For more information about Come2Play’s contest and how to enter, head over to the official contest page. Hurry though, they will only be taking proposals for the next few weeks.

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