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Family and friends are great playtesters when it comes to how fun your game is and which parts of it need improving. While they may know that something is wrong, they most likely aren’t going to know how to fix it. You need someone who has developed games before to test your game. You need flash game developers.

Game developers already have experience testing games. They do it each time they run their flash games to check to see if their code fix or animation turned out the way they expected it to. After awhile of testing, you start to become an expert on what works and what doesn’t. Game developers will notice things such as how a combo multiplier or score system works, that other players simply wouldn’t pay attention to.

Another reason to have game developers test your game is that they will know how to make your game better. Instead of just suggesting to change something to make it more fun, developers will point out specifically what was wrong with your game, why it should be fixed, and suggest ways to fix it.

Now that you’ve decided to let developers view your game, where can you find developers who are willing to do it? If you have your game uploaded to Flash Game License, all you have to do is enable developer viewing. To do this, go to the My Games screen on FGL and click Edit Dev Viewing. Now all that’s left to do is select which types of developers can view your game.

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