The 4k Flash Game Competition has ended over at GamePoetry and the results are in. Two winners were chosen out of 29 contestants. The two winners were A-Steroids 4k and Dungeon Romp.

The first place winner with $50 cash and a grab bag of indie games was A-Steriods 4k. I have to admit, the first time I played it I didn’t think it deserved the award. That is, until I realized how to play. At first, I thought you were just supposed to doged the asteroids, but then I scolled down and realized that you could fire by holding down the mouse button. That changed everything. I started firing away, making my ship spin out of control all the while breaking off chunks of asteroids and trying to collect the little green dots that came off of them. It was a pretty fun game, and I loved how the asteroids broke apart when you fired the laser at them.

The second place winner with up to a $50 credit to any book on Amazon (provided by GamingYourWay) was Dungeon Romp. Dungeon Romp was an interesting text based dungeon crawling game with 3d graphics as well. The graphics weren’t all that pretty, but the 3d feel to them was nice. There was also a mini-map which was pretty useful in navigating. Dungeon Romp got a bit repetitive, but it was a great game considering that it was all fit into a mere 4k.

The contest isn’t over just yet though. There is still time to vote for the audience choice awards. So head on over to GamePoetry and start checking out these great flash games and their source code as well (for learning purposes only).

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