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So you’ve uploaded your game to Flash Game License, sent out some emails, and have even gotten some sponsor views on your game. But what if you don’t have any bids yet? Don’t start worrying yet. Try sending the sponsor a pm.

Before start sending pm’s to any sponsors, you’ll want to take a look through your logs. They’ll look a bit like this:

Screenshot of sponsor view page on Flash Game License

Screenshot of sponsor view page on Flash Game License

You don’t want to be sending pms to every sponsor that views your game though. Take a look at the sponsors who viewed your game for the longest. They are the one’s you’ll want to be sending a pm to. Note: I edited out the play time and sponsor name for the privacy of the sponsors who viewed my game in the screen shot.

Once you’ve decided which sponsors to send a pm to, it’s time to compose your pm. Here’s a template for you to follow:

Hi Sponsor Name,

I’m Your Name and I’m the developer of Your Game Name. I noticed that you were playing my game Your Game Name yet didn’t place a bid on it. I was wondering if you were considering placing a bid on it, or if it doesn’t match what you are looking for.

Now add something that the sponsor wouldn’t know from the amount of time they played the game. For example if it gets really exciting during level 2 but they only played for enough time to get through level 1, tell them that. Or mention something that gives value to your game. You could say I noticed you only played for x amount of minutes, and were unable to experience what makes Your Game Name so great; it’s vast customization/achievements/levels/etc. You could even tell them why your game is a good fit for their site. Just think of something to draw their curiosity.

Thank you for your time,

Your Name

Not all sponsors will decide to bid on your game or even return your pm’s but you have nothing to lose by sending one. The worst that happens is they don’t reply, and then you’re no worse off than you were before. So start looking through those logs and send your potential sponsors a pm.

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