This post is part of the finding a sponsor series on freelance flash gamesAre you having trouble finding a sponsor? Getting your game sponsored can be tough work, as it involves actively going out and seeking sponsorships. While good gameplay is the most essential part of getting a sponsorship, there are other things you can do to promote your game and gain that sponsorship. In this series of posts, I will be detailing ways to help you land a sponsorship.

1. Put your game on Flash Game License

2.Learn how to email a sponsor

3. Get the links to over 50 sponsor’s contact forms

4. Sitelock your games so they can’t be stolen.

5. Get feedback on your game and use those tips to improve it.

6. Don’t have a bad thumbnail.

7. Have a good description for your game.

8. Don’t have ads in the game you show to sponsors.

9. Learn the right way to send a pm to sponsors on FGL.

10. Read why you should enable your game for developer viewing on Flash Game License.

11. Discover why you need to complete your game 100% before submitting it to sponsors.

12. Improve your graphics by hiring an artist.

13. Learn the different types of licenses.

14. Find out how to negotiate with a sponsor for higher bids.

15. Develop a good relationship with sponsors.

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