How could your game benefit if you applied SEO to your game’s title? SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a term that describes how well a site receives traffic from a search engine. A site with good seo will receive thousands of visitors daily from the major search engines, while a site with bad seo can get little to no traffic from search engines. So why does seo apply to your flash games? In this post I’m going to show you.

I’ve already mentioned how seo has to do with search engines, but you can also apply this practice to your game’s title as well to optimize it for searches. Now, let’s assume that I have just made a drag racing game, and am trying to find a name for it. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what your game is about. This game is about an underground drag racing league taking place in the future.

Once you have a nice description of your game’s core concept, it’s time to start researching keywords. Google has a nice tool that will show you the approximate number of searches done for certain words. Just plug some words from your description into the form, and hit Get Keyword Ideas. I entered a couple words, and Google came up with a list of suggestions. After scrolling down the list a bit, here’s what I found:

Google Keyword Suggester screenshot

Google Keyword Suggester Screenshot

First, lets explain how this works. The search term is shown on the left. To the right of it is a bar showing how much competition there is for the search term. The other two columns contain data of how many times the specific term is searched each month. There is a lot of useless keywords in there, however, hidden in that list are a couple gems.  The best search phrase I found in this list was online drag racer. That term is getting an average of 3,600 searches a month, with 590 searches for that term in January. It sounds like a decent name for a  drag racing game too.

Here are some advantages to naming it Online Drag Racer. First of all, it will do well when people search for that term in search engines. Secondly, suppose a player comes to one of his favorite gaming sites looking to play a drag racing game. He’ll probably search something along the lines of drag racer. Since your game will have that term in the title, yours should be one of the first listing to appear. Thus increasing your chances of players finding your game through a site’s archives. Players may be expecting a multiplayer game when you throw in the term online though, so be careful not to mislead players too much just for the sake of a little search engine optimization.

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