In February I made some significant changes to this blog based on your opinions. Well, I’ve been working hard again behind the scenes for this blog adding new features for you to enjoy. Here’s a roundup of the newest features that have been added.

  1. Email Subscription Available. You can now subscribe to this blog by email. Just click on the link in the sidebar or click on this link to subscribe to Freelance Flash Games by email.
  2. Fewer Ads. I removed the obtrusive square adsense ad on the right sidebar in place of smaller buttons with content that is actually useful to flash game developers.
  3. You can now advertise on Freelance Flash Games. Just visit the advertise page to view stats and ad prices for advertising on this blog.
  4. Translation available for readers whose primary language isn’t English. The translator is on the right sidebar.
  5. The most popular posts are now displayed on the right sidebar. It’s compiled using a fairly complex algorithm that determines the popularity of each page. Check it out to see the most popular posts on this site.
  6. Related Posts are shown at the bottom of every article. Take a look at them to browse through some old topics that may be of interest to you.
  7. Buttons for sharing posts are located beneath posts as well. If you’re interested in helping out this blog, you can share my posts around the net using the various social networking buttons.

That’s it for site updates. Which update do you like best?

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