FlashDen is a site which allows you to buy and sell flash products. As a developer you can upload your flashes and sell them to potential customers for a set price. You can upload a variety of products, ranging from animations and games to preloaders and buttons. It’s pretty simple to join, just fill out a few quick forms and you are on your way to selling flash components.

Once you’ve become an author, you can start uploading immediately. The staff will review your uploaded flash and set a price for it as well as place it into it’s respective category on the site. Prices can range anywhere from $1 to $40 per sale.

There is a revenue share of 25% for your flash, however if you make your flash exclusively for sale on FlashDen, that revenue share will jump to 40%. The more files you sell, the higher your revenue share goes. The revenue share maxes out at a nice and high 70%.

Selling flashes isn’t the only thing you can do on there though. It’s also a great place to look for quick graphics or components to use in your games. You can pick up some nifty looking characters and backgrounds to populate your games for around 1-4 dollars apiece.

You can even buy the source code to flash games on here in the $10 range. It’s a good place to look if you want to learn how to do something, or are looking for a quick game to promote your site. As a developer I can’t say I would recommend selling your source code for such a low price, but if you don’t mind giving up your source code it’s a decent way to monetise more from your game.

If you haven’t already, check out FlashDen to see if it can help you make money off of your otherwise dorment game assets. Maybe you’ll even pick up a few nice assets to use in your game.

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