Today marks the first of many Link Post Sundays. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Here’s the best flash tutorials and news around the net.

  1. The 4k Games Competition is heating up as some of my favorite sites like 8bitrocket, GamingYourWay, and PhotonStorm have finished up their entry to the competition.
  2. GamePoetry has released a nice interview with Greg, the guy in charge of sponsorships for Kongregate.
  3. Emanuele Feronato published an interesting article on the size of fonts that are used in ads. This can even apply to the in-game ads we see all the time in flash games.
  4. Epic Shadow has a good read on the state of the flash games industry.
  5. Mr. Sun is posting again with a slew of tutorials on how to build a tower defense game using AS3.
  6. Merlin has an impressive new article on choosing a sponsor for your flash games.

That wraps up the link post sunday. Stay tuned for more great flash links next week.

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