An interesting article about dress up games over at MochiLand got me thinking about the whole concept. Alexander Shen, the writer of the article, is right. Dress up games need a way to stand out. Here’s my take on what you can do ensure your game isn’t just another dress up game amongst the thousands on the internet.

1. Let players share and rate their creations. People will compete for the best outfit combinations and rating. To do this, you’ll need to give them a lot of options so they can express their creativity uniquely.

2. Use a point system. Perhaps give them certain combinations that will add up style points. Certain combinations would work better than others. This would also let players submit their score and compare it against other people on the scoreboards.

3. Make the clothes unlockable. Have the player play through a main game to unlock certain bonus clothes. Or maybe they can buy clothes using money earned in game. Another option is to let them use style points to unlock clothing.

4. Give it a storyline. It will give the game more depth and background. A huge story isn’t neccesary, just something to spark the players interest.

5. Give the character some witty dialogue. I’m not talking about a random word every few seconds. Have them react specifically to certain clothes or combinations, with multiple reactions for each one. It may be time consuming, but it will give players incentive to keep playing.

6. Make it multiplayer. Have players competing against each other. Make it into a fashion show of sorts, where the players are the judges. They would have to vote for someone else’s outfit, giving the best one a fair chance to win. Have multiple rounds with a winner at the end.

7. When all else fails, resort to the tried and true concepts. Stick a celebrity in there, and hope it spreads like wildfire.

These tips should have your dress up game becoming viral in no time as long as you put in the effort and work needed to make it a truly unique and amazing game. To get started on your own dress up game, check out my dress up game tutorial.

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