Your title and thumbnail is essential in the early stages of your game being released. It is what causes people to click on your game and try playing it. While good gameplay is a must, you need people to view your game before you can get to that stage. I’ve taken the liberty of researching the titles and thumbnails of the top games of all time on Newgrounds and Kongregate to show you the what thumbnails and titles worked for the top games.

Newgrounds Top 11 Games

Pie Graph with Number of Words in the Title of the best games on Newgrounds

Each number on the right represents the number of words in the title. The percent of games that used that number is shown on the graph.

Pie Graph detailing the type of thumbnail that was used for the top rated games on Newgrounds

Each caption on the right side stands for what is included in the thumbnail. The percent is based on how many games had that type of thumbnail. A game could only be included in one category.

Kongregate Top 15 Games

Pie graph showing the number of words in the titles of the best rated games on Kongregate.

This graph shows the number of words contained in the title of top rated games on Kongregate. Each number on the right corresponds to the appropriately colored section of the graph.

Pie Graph with the type of thumbnail that is used on the top flash games on kongregate.

Pie Graph with the kind of thumbail used for the highest rated games on Kongregate. Each caption on the right is resembled by it's appropriate color on the graph.

The data for these graphs was taken directly from the top game lists of Newgrounds and Kongregate. Each caption on the thumbnails graphs shows what is inside the thumbnail. Gameplay means that the thumbnail showed gameplay. Character’s face means that the thumbnail’s primary focus was on the face of the character. Full Character means that the thumbnail was focused on whole body of the character, not just the face. Finally, Symbol/Title means that the thumbnail included a symbol representing the game and/or the game’s name in the thumb.

While thumbnails and titles aren’t alone enough to make a game reach the top-rated lists, it does give your game that extra push that might just add an additional 0 .01 of score that is needed to reach the best games list. How does your game rank up against these statistics?

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