Earlier this week I asked you for your opinion as to what parts of the site I should keep. Well the votes have been cast and you voted to keep the blog and the games. I’ve been hard at work making the changes needed to make this possible. The homepage now redirects to the blog. The forums and all the spam that comes with them is gone. Games have already been added to the blog section of the site. There are currently two games for you to play. More will be on the way shortly. Unfortunately the games on the other section of the site had to be removed though.

If you’ve ever looked for something on my site but couldn’t find it before, you probably came across an ugly 404 error page by my web host. Well that’s gone! It took a bit of time, but I’ve made my own 404 error page for you. You can see it here. Tell me what you think of it. Let’s hope you don’t come across that page often.

Another thing you may have noticed is the new RSS feed. I’ve switched to feedburner for my feeds as it allows for a bit more control over them. Just click any of the RSS links to subscribe.

That’s all for site updates. Which one is your favorite?

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