MochiAds has recently announced another great contest for game developers. It’s called ‘The World of 3d Contest’. To be elgible for the contest you have to be using mochiAds and their leaderboards or version control service, as well as utilize some sort of 3d objects using FreeSpin3d. FreeSpin3d is a program that allows for the importing of 3d models into Flash and supports the ActionScript 3d interface. To learn more about it, check this out. The contest is open to all developers who meet those requirements. All you have to do opt into the contest when you submit your game to MochiAds.

Now for what you wanted to hear: the prizes. Instead of mentioning it half a dozen times, I’m going to tell you right now that all prizes come with a free license of FreeSpin3d. Grand Prize is a huge 7,000 dollars. 1st place will bring you a nice $5,000, with 2nd place coming in at 3,000 bucks. 3rd place isn’t to shabby either, at a cool $2,000. Then, there is 3 Choice Picks, which will each be awarded $1,000 and of course a free  license of FreeSpin3d.

One of the better aspects of this contest versus others in the past is that you are allowed to have your game sponsored. So if you make a game using just a part of FreeSpin3d (your whole game doesn’t have to be 3d), then you have nothing to lose by entering. So go ahead and check out the official rules over at MochiLand.

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