GamePoetry, a flash blog with some interesting articles, is having a 4k game contest. This means that your game must be less than 4.00 Kb, or 4,096 bytes to be eligible for entry. It sounds like a contest that should prove to be a fun little challenge for all of you coders out there. It has prizes too. There is a $50 prize for the winner as well as copies of some great indie games; including RoboKill, World of Goo, and more. Second prize, sponsored by GamingYourWay, is a copy of any flash related book from Amazon of your choice (up to 50 dollars). These prizes won’t just give you a nice amount of money in your pocket, but will also help support indipendant game developers as well.

This should be a great contest for anyone who wants to test the limits of their games and see what they can produce with just 4kb to work with. However, if you win the contest and agree to accept the prize you are giving GamePoetry the right to post your source code. Keep in mind that GamePoetry will be using the code for learning purposes and demonstration only. It’s not like they will be taking your code and making another game off it or anything. Submissions will end for the contest on 8 A.M March 9, 2009. If you are interested in entering or just want to learn more about it, you check out all the official details of the contest here.

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