Jayisgames, a popular flash game review site, has announced the winners to their ‘Best of Casual Gameplay 2008′ award. With too many categories to count on two hands, I’ll just be going into a few of the categories and their winners.

The winner of Best Action or Arcade game is Amorphous+. Amorphous+ is a great game in which you use your giant sword to splat numerous types of Glooples. You may be thinking that it doesn’t sound very fun, until you start playing it. There are multiple game modes and different enemies ranging from your average Gloople to ones that will turn into acid when killed. That’s not all though. It has upgrades that can be unlocked, and around 100 achievements to win. Gamers also had their favorite game of the year; Skywire 2. Skywire 2 won by a 5% margin, getting 18.1% of the votes. Coming in second was Achievement Unlocked, at 13.4% of the votes.

The Best Multiplayer Game of the year was Kongai. Developed by the gaming portal Kongregate, a lot of time has gone into developing this card battling game. The game is based on the same principle as those Pokemon games you played as a child. But what makes it stand out from other games of it’s type is the way you earn your cards. Cards can be earned by completing challenges for the flash games that are featured on the site. Completing certain challenges will earn you a badge, which can be used in the card game. Not surprisingly, Kongai was also the player favorite, recieving 21.8% of the votes. In a close second place was Minions with 18.2% of the vote.

That’s all I’m going to go into detail over for now. If you are interesting in seeing what games won other categories, there’s 22 categories for you to check out here.

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