In a recent study that was released, comScore announced that the online gaming industry has grown to 86 million visitors in the U.S. alone. These stats are for the month of December only, but it is safe to say that they likely reflect the trends of the rest of the year. The stats for last year only reported a meager 67 million during the month of December. This means that this year about 28% more games were played online than last year. The number of people playing games isn’t the only thing that increased though. The time people spend playing games has increased 42 percent. Many of the major game portals were big companies like Yahoo Games (19.5 million visitors), which came in first. Other notables were Addicting Games (11.3 million visitors), MiniClip (7 million), and SpilGames (6.7 million over a number of portals).

The study didn’t just cover how many games the gamers played. It also included a section on advertising, in which the total number of display ad views grew 28% to 8.6 billion. This is relatively consistent with the increase in number of gamers playing games. However, the number of ads per page has decrease about 17%. This means that annoying ads cluttering the sides of pages are being replaced by fewer, better placed ones. If you’re interested in reading the original report, you can check it out here.

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