Flash Game License has undergone a site update with a completely new design and features. With the new design, they’ve released some of their statistics about the flash games that are sold on the site. This should help you compare how you’ve been doing against other flash game developers. Here’s 10 stats you should know about the flash game industry, thanks to FGL.

  1. Fastest Sale Time: 0 days (the same day it became visible) . A couple games have done this.
  2. Average Sale Time: 19 days after the game has been set to visible to sponsors until the time the bid is accepted.
  3. Slowest Sale Time: A whopping 197 days from the time the game was visible to sponsors until the time the bid was accepted. That’s over 28 weeks!
  4. Average Exclusive-License Sale Price: $1960.75 (This number is offset by a few REALLY big exclusive sales)
  5. Average Primary-License Sale Price: $939.30 (Again, this is slightly distorted by large sales, but not as much)
  6. Average Sponsor Views Per Game On FGL: 28.24
  7. Average Sponsor Views Per Game That Has Sold on FGL: 54.95
  8. Total Number of Deals Made: 799
  9. Total Value of Deals: $925,215
  10. Total Number of Sponsors on Flash Game License: 917

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