Everyone loves to compete for achievements. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed one. There are many different types of achievements out there that would give players hours of entertainment trying to fulfill. Here are 50 achievements to get you game developers started.

  1. How long they have been playing.
  2. Read the directions.
  3. Found a hidden secret.
  4. Get a high score.
  5. Beat your own high score.
  6. Beat someone else’s high score.
  7. Unlocked in-game object.
  8. Took their first movements.
  9. How many combos they have done.
  10. The number of enemies they have beaten.
  11. Earned a large amount of money.
  12. Purchased an item.
  13. Beat a boss.
  14. Beat every boss.
  15. Beat each type of enemy.
  16. Beat every type of enemy.
  17. Completed tasks in a certain order.
  18. Unlocked all items.
  19. Beat a level.
  20. Beat all levels.
  21. Purchased an in-game item using real world money.
  22. Won their first game.
  23. Lost their first game.
  24. Won multiple games.
  25. Lost multiple games.
  26. Clicked a sponsor’s link.
  27. Watched the credits.
  28. Watched the introduction.
  29. Unlocked a new character type.
  30. Visited the walkthrough.
  31. Played the game x amount of times.
  32. Beat the game.
  33. Beat x number of enemies in x amount of time.
  34. Don’t move for x amount of time.
  35. Earn a certain number of achievements.
  36. Stay alive for x amount of time.
  37. Beat x number of enemies without moving.
  38. Find secret areas.
  39. Reach a certain speed.
  40. Use x number of items.
  41. Buy every item in the game.
  42. Change the game’s music.
  43. Sell an item.
  44. Sell x number of items.
  45. Complete game without using any items.
  46. Complete game without any or minimal damage to the player.
  47. Defeat enemies in a certain way.
  48. View a preloader ad or in-game ad.
  49. Attack an enemy x number of times.
  50. Find every location in the game.

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