If you’re looking for a paint program like Photoshop but don’t want to shell out all that cash for it, then you may want to give Sumo Paint a try. Sumo Paint is an online flash based paint program that has a number of great features. It has brushes, pencils, pens, layers, gradients, colors, shapes, and even the magic wand tool. That’s just to name a few. This program is essentially Photoshop in flash. Even better, the fact that it runs so quickly. Things like gradients that would take time in Photoshop happen instantly in Sumo Paint. I bet you’re wondering, where do I download this? Here’s where it gets better, since it is in flash the program can be used online whenver you want.

You can visit Sumo Paint’s homepage to check out features, artwork uploaded to the site, news, the community, and more.

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