If you’ve ever had a website that allows comment, you know it’s hard to keep out the spam. I’ve been having a tough time managing it myself lately, so finally I turned to an anti-spam plugin for the site. It’s called WP-SpamFree.
What this plugin does is block the spam that comes from bots. It does this by checking to see if the people posting the comment, you, have JavaScript and cookies enabled. For those that don’t know, JavaScript is a computer language used for web development and cookies are basically a computers way of storing information from the internet. The great thing about this plugin is that there is no CAPTCHA (that annoying box that asks to verify you are human) for you. Unfortunately, if you have JavaScript or cookies disabled, you’ll need to enable them before you can post a comment. But, I figured it would cut back on the comment spam all of you have to see.
One last thing is that your comments will now have to be longer than 25 characters. In the case you forget though, it will just tell you to go back and enter a longer comment. So have fun commenting.

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