If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that there was a way to keep your game on just a couple sites without it spreading, then it sounds like sitelocking is what you need. Sitelocking allows you to ‘lock’ your game to a site, or a couple sites, so when someone tries to play it on another site it will be unplayable. It’s useful when you are uploading an unreleased game or are selling a non-exclusive license to a site. Here’s how you can sitelock your game. In this code I am using ActionScript 2.

urls_allowed = ["mindjolt.com"
];//sets up an array that stores the sites which you want to be sitelocked.
sitelock(urls_allowed);//runs function sitelock
function sitelock(urls_allowed) {//sets up sitelock function
lock = true;//sets variable lock to true
domain_parts = _url.split("://");//allows for a :// in the domain name
real_domain = domain_parts[1].split("/");//allows for a /
domain.text = real_domain[0];
for (x in urls_allowed) {
if (urls_allowed[x] == real_domain[0]) {//if the domain is correct
lock = false;//sets variable lock to false
if (lock) {//if locked
_root._visible = false;//the flash is invisible.

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