Whirled, the site that allowed for microtransactions, has recently announced a contest for the games on their site. Called the Flash Game Developers Challenge, the contest will award developers for having the best game within a period of 3 months. So even if you miss this one, you will still have the chance to apply for the next contest.

Now to get to the part you have been waiting for, money. There are two separate prize pools. One for multiplayer games and one for single player games. The multiplayer games will have a bigger prize pool, with $7,500 for first. Their are a total of five available prizes, which in decending order are: $5,000, $4,000, $2,000 dollars, and $1,000. Single player games, have less money allocated to them but the prizes are still very good. First place will net you 2,000 dollars, with $1,500, $1,000, $750, and $250 for second through fifth place.

To be elgible for the prize money you must implement the Whirled API for scores, trophies, and (if the game is multiplayer) the multiplayer API. Another requirement is that your game be in AS3, so sorry AS2 users out there but you won’t be able to use the API’s with your game. The best part about this contest, it’s non-exclusive. You are still allowed get your game sponsored and upload it wherever you want. So if you have a game that’s AS3, I would reccomend heading over to Whirled and taking a shot at their prizes.

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