Nonoba has recently announced the winners of their Multiplayer API competition. First prize, and a whopping $15,000 went to wmarsh and his game Starland Multiplayer TD. I’ve played the game, and I have to tell you, it deserves the prize. Unfortunately I played someone who had never lost a game before, but I still managed to lose track of time while playing it. As for second place and a large $3,000 prize, the award went to LorenzGames. His flash game Bombators Multiplayer was based on the classic bomberman game. This is another game that well deserved it. He added money and upgrades to make the classic even better. Lastly is Multiplayer Memory Mayhem by LuckLaboratories, earning a nice sum of $1,000. I haven’t had a chance to play the game, but it looked like it had great graphics and allowed for up to eight people per game. So if you haven’t yet, head over to Nonoba and check out their multiplayer games section.

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