Wondering what’s been going on over at GameJacket? Well Lartar of LartarGames managed to secure an interview with them, here’s what they had to say:

- When will the 0.5 eCPM minimum end?

We have no date set for the end of this promotion. All adverts qualify – pre-roll adverts and the new GameJacket interstitial API.

- Do you have a distribution program? Or is it only for the games that get the $1,000 advance?

Yes, we have a distribution program and it is not limited to the $1000 Advance games, however due to the volume of games submitted we cannot enter all games in to the distribution program and actively encourage all developers to submit their games to any portals that can.

- What happens if your servers crash, will our games crash as well? Do you have some backup server set up for that issue?

We use some of the top servers available and our down-time is virtually non-existent. We have a very good backup system that is monitored all the time to ensure that if the main servers go down then the back up servers kick in straight away.

- Are you planning to have a referral program in the coming months?

Yes, we are working on a referral program. We don’t have a timeline for it yet so we can’t state an official roll-out date.

- When will the Gamejacket Leaderboards be released?

It will be before Christmas… Santa will be bringing you a HighScore API this year from GameJacket!

- I heard that you will be implementing a game contest soon, is that true?

Yes, we are working out the details for the first GameJacket contest as we speak!
Nothing is set in stone yet.

-What I’d like to know though is it possible to have a GameJacket/MochiAds mix

At the moment it is, yes… we definitely recommend that if you’re using the GameJacket system you can use the Mochi HighScore API (until our version is ready of course).
We’d rather see Flash Game Developers monetize their games with the APIs available to them.

- Where does Gamejacket’s financing come from?

GameJacket is financed by Private Equity (individuals investing in our company).

- Who are the Gamejacket Admins, and what is their job inside the company?

The frontline developer support team are…
Barry (Content)
Simon (Managing Director)
Steve (Sales)
Adrian (Technical)
Matt (Community)
Mike (Development)
Oliver (Trafficking).

There’s other GameJacket minions here to help us out, but those are the main guys! J

- Will be some of the features we can expect to see in the coming months?

Well, there’s the HighScore API and the Competition and the referral system… and some other stuff we can’t quite mention just yet… ;)

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