Microtransactions have been making big news this week, well at least in the world of flash games. Here’s what’s been going on.

Andrograde, one of the microtransaction sites I mentioned on the last microtransactions post, has released their first game to AddictingGames using their system of microtransactions. Called Beat Me Up Too, the game proves that the system can work. The owner of Andrograde, Will Perone, reports earnings of $1 for every 550 players. Compare that to Kongregate, GameJacket, and MochiAds which will take 1065, 2000, and 2500 plays to earn that same $1. Andrograde recently released a new demo showing off their system and how it works, so go check it out here.

Also noteworthy this week is Whirled, which I also talked about in the last article about microtransactions. Whirled has recently made it onto the opportunities section of flashgamelicense, getting it’s service out for numerous more developers to see.

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