I’m sure most of you out there are interested in making money right? Well, here’s another way for you to make money off your flash games: microtransactions. Microtransactions are basically payments that will enhance your gaming experience. Typically they are sold cheaply for upgrades like new armor, levels, characters, etc. Now, you can apply this system to flash games.

Granted, your flash game will have to be very good to even attract people to consider purchasing an unlockable from your game. But their are a couple new applications out there that will allow you to sell in-game content. Here’s two to consider.

  1. Kongregate currently offers the microtransaction system to high level developers only. But, hopefully they will be able to pioneer the system so that it can become more widespread.
  2. Andrograde also offers an API system for in-game transactions. The system seems pretty easy to implement. Not too many games are currently using the system, but more games are expected to release with it soon. It seems like it would be worth giving a try. The developer site split is 75/25.
  3. Nonoba offers a microtransactions system as well. It has many features, such as letting you decide what and how much you are willing to sell. Also, you’re free to spread your game to any site. One drawback is that you have to spread the Nonoba version of the game (a bit like version control). Some people prefer it though, and there is a 70/30 split between Nonoba and developers which is a pretty good deal.
  4. Fatfoogoo is a fairly advanced system of microtransactions. It has quite a few features that seem promising. It offers the ability for players to buy and sell in-game services from each other and has 50 different payment methods. There are multiple options, and the site seems pretty professional from what I saw.
  5. Cafe also offers a microtransactions system, but unfortunately this system is only available for multiplayer games. It’s more of a social network than a microtransactions API, and has options like scores, avatars, items, and challenges.
  6. Whirled is a bit different system of microtransactions. It will allow you to make games for their online world that use their system of microtransactions. You will be paid for depending on how many players play the game. The system uses online money called bling to track your earnings. Once you reach a 500 ‘bling’ balance, you can cash out for money. You can also spread your game across the net, since the system allows you to either embed or submit swfs to other sites.

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