I haven’t done a post on GameJacket in awhile, so I’m going to be going over what they’ve been doing lately. First of all, GameJacket has sent out their first newsletter. This is what inspired me to write this post, but it’s good to see them trying to build a community there. That’s one of the features that GameJacket seems to lack. Alright, now for the updates.

As I mentioned GameJacket’s community is a bit small, but they’ve hired a community manager to fix that; Matt Ibbs. This is a great start to catch up with MochiAds, which has had the community feel to it for awhile now.

Next comes business updates. GameJacket has recently aquired an office in London. It’s nice to see this relatively new player to in-game ads is expanding.

Lastly, the ads. GameJacket has announced two imporant things you’ll be happy to hear. They’ve introduced a new ad type, the interstitial (or inter-level ad as you may know it). This means more ad impressions for you. They’ll also be keeping their promise of a guarenteed $0.50 eCPM. The offer has been extended until further notice. So you’ll still have time to keep earning off of international impressions.

There you have it. A quick update of what’s been going on at their site.

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