With all the flash games out there, it seems like every single concept has been done. Sometimes it’s just to hard to think of something that is completely new. Well, that’s where the classics come in. If you can find a way to make an idea that has already been done numerous times into something original, you may find that you have a hit on your hands. So here are some ideas on how to put in a twist onto the classic genres of games.

  1. Combine gameplay styles. You could make your game different by combining two aspects of otherwise classic games, and come out with unique gameplay.
  2. Make the player multitask. Multitasking is a big thing these days, and what better way to apply it than to a game. Have the player concentrating on two different things at once, and they’ll think of your game as something other than a copy.
  3. Mix things up. If players are used to playing a specific way, make the game the exact opposite. For example, in a whack a mole game, have the player play as the moles.
  4. Lastly, just think of what you would have fun doing. If it’s a game that you would want to play, then chances are, it’s a game others would want to play too.

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