Kongregate Labs is now giving beginner game developers tutorials that can be used to make their first game. The tutorials will be teaching first time game developers how to make a side-scrolling, spaceship, shooter.

Each tutorial is set up with easy to understand pages, within a flash file. Basically, it’s a flash slide-show that will walk you through each step of the process. Three tutorials have already been released. The rest of the tutorials will be released every six days, starting October 21. The tutorials will cover topics such as flash, movement, collision detection, power-ups, bosses, and more. There will even be sounds, sprites, and other assets released for you to use in your game.

Kongregate is even offering a $550 prize to the top game that is made by the tutorials. You can start submitting games for it on October 28. Expect to hear more about this contest in the coming weeks.

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