Game controls can be an important apect of your game. However, there are a couple different ways you could go with them. Here are a few options, with a couple ideas about each.

Arrow Keys

Arrow keys are one of the most commonly used controls in a game. The are typically used for side-scrollers, puzzles, racing, and platformers. Since many players will be accustomed to them, it is a safe choice.


WASD could be thought of as a replacement for the arrow keys. It is usually used when a mouse is involved, since it is easier for right handed people to use both a mouse and the WASD keys at the same time. It could be seen in side-scrolling shooters or any other type of game that would require movement and the mouse.


The mouse is another very typical game control. The mouse can be used for numerous game types, such as puzzles, escape, simulations, shooters and more. The mouse is a fairly safe choice,  but some laptop users will not be able to use the scroll wheel, so have another option if you plan to incorporate it.

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