As you may know, Flash Game License has come out with a service called First Impressions a little while ago. With my new game coming out soon, I thought I would give them a try. It was Double Impression month, so I used 5 first impressions, and got another 5 free.

Most of the reviewers pointed out other aspects of the game that could use some tweaking, which was very helpful. However, I was disappointed with the lack of useful reviews. Two reviews were completely useless, stating things like “no advice” or one word descriptions. One based his review on not being able to find the instructions, and another on the game needing more blood. The FGL administrators were very helpful about the useless first impressions, and I was given replacement ones shortly after flagging them.

Not all reviewers were short and unhelpful. Actually, most of the impressions were very useful, with comments like “The sound is good. It matches with the actions that are happening in the game. The background music can get on your nerves after playing the game for too long.” Overall I found that First Impressions was a great asset in getting feedback for my game

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