When drawing for your game or animation (assuming you are using vectors), you’ll have to choose between using flash or illustrator to draw them. Choosing between the two can be a tough choice. Here are some pros and cons of each one.


  • Is built in, therefore there is no need to import graphics into Flash. This will save you time.
  • Making graphics is simple, with only a few tool sets to use.
  • Unfortunately, thereĀ  are only a few tool sets to use. Less customization.
  • There is no need to learn a new interface.
  • It is quick to edit and use graphics.


  • Has a much bigger toolset to use. This allows for more details and customization.
  • This bigger toolset comes with a higher learning curve, making the use of it tougher to master.
  • If you are used to Photoshop, you will be at home with Illustrators interface.
  • Usually graphics will take longer to make.

In the end it comes down to preference for many people. Whichever one you feel more at home making graphics in is the one to go with.

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