Stuck as a game designer without any ideas? Don’t worry too much, because the folks over at 8bitrocket have developed a game that will generate an the idea for you. With over five quadrillion (That’s right, quadrillion. It’s the number that comes after trillions.) combination, you are sure to find a unique game. Here’s my favorite one:

A single player ‘deliver it’ style game set ‘in the back of your mind’ featuring ‘a professor’ and ‘a hang glider’ with elements of ‘a labyrinth puzzle’ crossed with ‘Bust-A-Move’ .

You can even save your combinations. The music was a bit repetitive and retro for me, but you could always silence your sound. So, if you ever feel like you need a unique and different game idea, just search through the quadrillion possibilities. You can use it here.

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