When looking for a sponsor, you’ll be sending a lot of emails. It’s important to know how to approach a sponsor for the first time. You want to leave a good impression, so here are some tips for emailing sponsors.

  1. Make the first move. You aren’t going to be getting emails from sponsors asking about your next game unless you’ve earned yourself a very good reputation as a developer.
  2. The more email’s you send, the better your chance of being sponsored.
  3. Do not just send a bulk email. Sponsors can tell when they’re one of fifty in a list. Bulk emails also have a better chance of being blocked by spam filters.
  4. Personalize the email. Include the name of the sponsor’s site somewhere within it. This way the sponsor will know that you didn’t just copy and paste the email fifty times.
  5. Include in your email: a link to play your game (or attach the game), a description of your game and how to play it. Try to sell the best aspects of your game.
  6. Many contact forms will not let you put in a link. In this case just have a game description, telling the sponsor to email you for a link.
  7. Take notice of the sponsor’s habits. Are they professional, laid back, talkative? Adjust your replies to match the sponsor.
  8. Be friendly and polite. Even if the sponsor rejects your game, you never know whether you will work with them again. Plus it’s just common courtesy.

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